We have trained more than 350 lawyers in the emerging areas of social entrepreneurship, ESG and social finance, enabling them to better serve social innovators and impact investors by tackling some of the most important challenges of our time. By bringing together academics, policymakers, journalists and the private sector, we have also created groundbreaking tools and resources that have catalyzed progress for vulnerable communities around the world. It provides all businesses with a unique resource to create robust pro bono practices and understand how to get the most out of their pro bono work. Works to uphold freedom of expression and freedom of the press, providing legal assistance to journalists in need, as well as technical assistance and training for aspiring and licensed professionals. Our network of referral partners of funders and attribution boards ensures that we can reach the widest possible reach. Through these partnerships, we aim to support their fellows, fellows, members and laureates with free legal assistance. It is a freely accessible online resource for obtaining Ethiopian legal information such as Supreme Court decisions, policy documents and research papers. The initiative was founded by law firm Liku Worku and is a member of the World Free Access to Legal Movement. Our unique approach enables sustainable, locally-led mutual legal assistance systems and meaningful criminal justice reforms. Our NGOs and social entrepreneurs range from large international organizations to small local charities and social enterprises.

Our members work on a wide range of issues, including women`s rights; trafficking in human beings and slavery; refugee rights and forced migration; LGBT rights; freedom of expression; and environmental and land rights. In many countries of the world, the trial comes at a high price. As a result, poor communities often lack access to the legal services and support needed to seek justice. To ensure these communities have access to lawsuits, legal organizations are expanding their workforce internationally to provide legal tools and programs to those in need. Below are five legal organizations that fight global poverty by promoting the rule of law. TrustLaw has a regional and global reach. Our network includes large international law firms as well as smaller national law firms, in-house legal teams and individual lawyers. All members are qualified in their respective jurisdictions and meet the requirements of the local bar association. We focus on specific issues that cause inequities in the criminal justice system and are the cause of injustice around the world.

The five legal organizations mentioned above fight global poverty by providing donations, legal services and aid to communities in need. In this way, poor communities are not disadvantaged in accessing different justice systems around the world. Overall, these legal organizations ensure that justice is accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity or nationality. By highlighting successful pro bono programs and providing benchmarks on pro bono participation and related trends in various jurisdictions, the index is an important tool for disseminating pro bono practice. From the lives of individuals to their families and communities, internationally and in countries around the world, our work has an impact. It provides legal advice and representation through paralegal services, community dialogues and community justice programs. It promotes the accountability of companies based in Canada or with the support of the Canadian government. It works with human rights organizations in Canada and abroad, facilitating legal assistance and policy research to support analysis and coordinated action. Over the past decade, there have been examples of TrustLaw`s impact: helping organizations protect the rights of domestic workers in the Philippines; support a ban on conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth; improving access to HIV self-testing in Africa; prohibition of child marriage in the United States; combating social exclusion through the right to housing in Latin America; Using the power of technology to bring war criminals to justice; and spur innovation that improves newborn survival in developing countries. The fundamental task of the Institute is to examine fundamental issues of the State and law; Provide scientific evidence for the elaboration of strategies and policies that will be used for the development and construction of the state and law.

Works to promote good standards of accountability of NGOs, governments and companies to promote ethics and transparency. Promotes accountability and transparency in the public sector, particularly in ministries, local governments and any company or project in which the government holds more than 50%. Established by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI), it acts as an alternative justice platform with the aim of resolving domestic and international commercial disputes in accordance with international arbitration standards. A social organization in Hanoi, Vietnam, with a mission of educational support and comprehensive development for Vietnamese youth. Their pioneering project focused on the importance of corruption and the fight against corruption. Works to involve youth in policy-making on conflict resolution, peace processes and development, policy monitoring and active participation. The 2020 Index collected data from more than 215 law firms representing lawyers in 91 jurisdictions. Works to develop a network of organizations and academics to create a system of accountability and checks and balances in Mexico, through the promotion of the national anti-corruption system and the reform of the transparency law. It uses peaceful methods to educate youth and adults about terrorism and conflict prevention. He works in China, Kenya, Nigeria and Somalia. The head office is located in Japan, where their work focuses on solving problems affecting human relationships in schools and older communities.

Promote gender equality and work to end gender-based violence through social and economic programming. The JUSTICE program addresses court inefficiency, and ABA ROLI, in close collaboration with local partners such as the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, the Office of the Legal Advisor to Government Enterprises, and the Intellectual Property Office, is conducting targeted interventions to make the Philippine justice system more responsive, reliable, and efficient. It is a national pro-choice political group that works to ensure women`s reproductive freedom by defending abortion rights and promoting access to health services. “The ILF secured the release of hundreds of inmates at high risk of COVID-19 and worked to protect the health and safety of the world`s prison population.” It is an initiative of Colors Rainbow, YG and Abadi Art. Its goal is to create a better understanding and awareness of LGBT rights and to strengthen ties within the community. They organize artistic and cultural events such as film festivals and photo exhibitions. Developed an observatory on violence and trains children, families and citizens in general in violence reduction and leadership mechanisms. It is a group of stakeholders committed to ensuring equal and non-discriminatory access to justice and increasing transparency and accountability in the justice system.

Its initiatives include the Legal Resources Program, the Access to Justice Program and the Judicial Integrity and Independence Program. It strives to achieve equal representation in public life by increasing women`s participation in democratic politics through training, advocacy and empowerment in government processes. Their programmes target organized women`s groups, community councils, and traditional and religious leaders. Works to defend the rights of the LGBTI community in Romania through policy recommendations, advocacy and strategic litigation. Contributes to the development, organization and support of trade and business activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, primarily by strengthening the competitive capacities of private sector enterprises in partnership with public government agencies.